Meet the Protosthetics Team



Protosthetics is FDA Registered Medical Device Facility. We come to work every day because we strive to solve the biggest challenges in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. We strive to arm clinics and practitioners with the best tools and products in order to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Protosthetics Team



Josh Teigen

Chief Visionary

Josh drives Protosthetic’s strategic vision and directs all global sales, marketing, and financial initiatives. Before Protosthetics, Josh started multiple companies and spent several years as a consultant in the medical device industry.


Cooper Bierscheid

Chief Futurist

Cooper leads the daily operations at Protosthetics, including product development, R&D, and production. Cooper is a Manufacturing Engineer who spent time working in 3M’s innovation labs, with a passion for developing products that help people.



Robert Gabourie

Consultant Practitioner – CP(c), CO(c)

Rob owns Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics International based out of Ontario, Canada. Rob was certified by the Canadian Board of Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists in 1978 as a Certified Prosthetist and in 1984 as a Certified Orthotist. In 2012, he won the Gold Winner Medical Design Excellence Award for his product the “Niagara Foot”. Rob brings valuable insight as someone who has not only spent decades as practitioner, but also as a product inventor and innovator. He brings clinical expertise and consults on a variety of elements from clinical to product R & D.


John McGuigan

ABC Certified Technician, Orthotic Fitter

John is a graduate of the Joliet Junior College Orthotic and Prosthetics Technology Program. Coming to the team with 5 years of experience as an O&P tech he brings a classical insight to the development of new devices. As Certified Technician of Orthotics and a Certified Fitter of Orthotics John has a unique perspective on what we do. He also has the longest hair of anyone on staff.



Emma Ilvedson

Director of Business Development

Emma graduated from the University of North Dakota as a Pre-Physician’s Assistant and Business Administration: Management double major. Emma is a member of the sales and business development team where she identifies new opportunities and helps expand our contract manufacturing business as well as our standalone product lines. Emma also served as the President for the University of North Dakota’s Special Olympics organization.


Jarod Berger

Sales and Marketing Apprentice

Jarod is a Management and Sales student at North Dakota State University. Jarod will assist with sales at Protosthetics. Prior to Protosthetics, Jarod completed a marketing analyst internship that will help aid in the marketing side of sales. Jarod also enjoys hands on work and is a woodworking hobbyist in his free time.

Research And Development

Derek Holt

Derek Holt

Swiss Army Knife

Derek does a little bit of everything for Protosthetics. He provides oversight for R&D efforts, product and machine production, and coordinates all of the day to day chaos. Derek is a manufacturing engineer with a broad skill set which allows him to be the perfect person to tackle any challenges we face.

michael straus

Michael Straus

Mechanical Engineering Apprentice

Michael is a Mechanical Engineering student at North Dakota State University. Before coming on board at Protosthetics he worked in steel fabrication as well as natural gas engineering. With this varied experience he is a great addition to our production and fabrication capabilities. He is also restoring a ’76 Honda motorcycle and is a member of the 3D-Printing research and education club at NDSU.


Evan Blanchard

Engineering Apprentice

Evan is a Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Wisconsin and a member of our rockstar R&D team. He does extensive work for us in the product development side of things. When he isn’t designing cool products, he operates the equipment and makes sure everything is running smoothly.



Jackson Stremick

Electrical Engineering Apprentice

Jackson is an electrical engineering student and NDSU. He is part of our Production team. In his spare time, he likes to ride dirt bike. An interesting fact: Jackson built his own 3D printer at the age of 18.


Tanner McLean

Maintenance and Production Tech

Tanner graduated from Minnesota State University – Mankato; majoring in Communications and American Sign Language. Several years in the construction industry helped cultivate a knack for creative problem solving, and a passion for working with his hands. His versatile skill set allows him to play a roll in a variety of the day to day operations.



Miles and Tess

Director of Office Security & Inbound Logistics

Miles and Tess are serve a vital role at the company through security and running our receiving department. They immediately alert us to any suspicious activity taking place on the premises, and the occasionally innocent loud noise outside. One of their more vital roles is the instant alert to when a new package arrives. We are still working on getting them to start signing for packages. When they aren’t on duty, they spend a lot of time warming the couch and cleaning the break room floor.