Meet the Protosthetics Team



Protosthetics is FDA registered medical device facility. We come to work every day because we strive to solve the biggest challenges in the orthotics and prosthetics industry. We strive to arm clinics and practitioners with the best tools and products in order to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Protosthetics Team

Sales & Business Development


Cooper Bierscheid

Chief Futurist, Founder

Cooper leads the daily operations at Protosthetics, including sales, R&D, and production. Cooper graduated from NDSU with a manufacturing engineering degree. He spent time working at 3M’s innovation labs. His passion is developing products that help people which led him to founding Protosthetics. Outside of work, you can find him woodworking in his garage that no longer has any room to park cars because there are too many projects “in the works”.



Jake Kinsella

Technician General Manager

Jake’s experience in the medical field and his love for learning new things has brought him to Protosthetics where there is no shortage of new adventures. You can find him at a live concert or on the side of the road riding his bicycle. His happy place is at the lake sitting around a bonfire with family and friends. Jake firmly believes marshmallows should be a golden brown and those who like them burnt are crazy. He’s been with the Protosthetics team since February ’20 and has already proven to be the hardest working of us all.


Paige Tollefson

Office Coordinator

Paige is a fairly normal girl with an active imagination who finds solace in her office duties. She believes a moderate amount of stress (and lots of caffeine) will always help her get the job done. Along with enjoying her work, Paige also likes hanging out with her husband and two cats. She can often be found indoors crafting or reading but will also venture outside to enjoy canoe trips or flying one of her various kites. Paige has been with Protosthetics since January ’20 and is hoping to stay there many years to come.


Jess Holler

CAD/CAM Technician

Jess enjoys being artistic and through digital experience is able to help Protosthetics by finalizing scans of incoming orthotics. She is an aspiring engineer and illustrator, hoping to combine the two in some aspect in her future. She spends time outside of work increasing her skills within Photoshop and AutoCAD, as well as sewing accessories and plushies. Jess enjoys baking for others and her coworkers often give the best feedback on her confections. Jess has been feeding the team since March ’20.


Andy Fuchs


Andy grew up in the country outside of Hawley, MN. He graduated in 2018 from NDSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, emphasis on Botany. Andy lives in Fargo with his wife, Courtney, and their three lovely kitties. He’s a man of many hobbies, including but not limited to: camping, fishing, gardening, video games, and board games. He joined the team in August ’20 and hit the ground running creating custom orthotics and helping with various other tasks, earning him the nickname “Handy Andy.”


Sara Wegner


Sara has been able to combine her skills in construction and physical therapy in her roles as an O&P technician. She enjoys working with her hands and the diversity of each orthotic and prosthetic. In her free time, she can be found remodeling her home, exploring the local areas with her husband and stepson, and hanging out with her pup. Sara joined the Protosthetics team in August ’20 ready for the new challenges that awaited her.


Lucas Bierscheid

Technician Apprentice

Lucas once asked the most important question: Who would win a fight between a bear vs a gorilla? He is currently in pursuit of a biology degree from NDSU to figure out the answer to that exact question. In the meantime, he fills the roll of technician apprentice at Protosthetics where you can find him dialing in his grinding skills, measuring the exact amount of plaster a size 12 foot cast takes, or whether brushing contact cement in a certain direction makes it stick better.

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