Foot Orthotics

  • Functional
  • Diabetic
  • Accomodative
  • Comfort

Protosthetics offers custom functional, accommodative, and diabetic foot orthotics. Functional orthotics with corrective plastic foot plates which are then laid up with foams, along with CNC milled foam accommodative and diabetic orthotics.

Protosthetics’ foot orthotics are customized to the patient’s’ feet by using a foam impression box, STS Slipper Sock, plaster cast or scanning the patient’s foot directly using a scanning jig. We use the scan of the foot or the mold to make all requested modifications intrinsically, within the 3D model, so exact correction is achieved with no chance for human error.

protosthetics foot orthotics

Protosthetics can accommodate any standard or unique modification requested. We also offer many different material options and styles to choose from to guarantee your patient is satisfied with the orthotics they receive.

We work through practitioners such as orthotists, physical therapists, podiatrists, and the like to get the appropriate prescription needed for our orthotics.