Prosthetic Knee Joints

Prosthetic Knee Joints

  • Stable
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

This lineup of prosthetic knee joints is designed to equip you as a clinic with the necessary innovative options for the vast majority of your patients at prices that make sense for your business. From hydraulic to pneumatic to mechanical, we have you covered with all the features and functionality you need to deliver stunning results to your patients.

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Sensor Hydraulic Knee

Stance Flexion 5- Bar Mechanical Knee

Stance Flexion 5- Bar Pneumatic Knee

Made of lightweight titanium and featuring state of the art hydraulic sophistication, the Sensor Knee is the most versatile knee joint option on the market. From low activity users who need maximum stance phase stability to high activity functions, the Sensor Knee outperforms other prosthetic knee joints in it’s class.

This 5-Bar polycentric knee featuring stance flexion is the new standard in safety knees. This innovative system forces the geometry of the knee into a very stable position at heel contact until the patient rolls over the toe to release into swing phase, and features adjustability at every feature. PDAC approved L5611, L5845, L5850.

This Polycentric 5 Bar pneumatic knee equipped with stance flexion capability offers maximum stability and safety without sacrificing on performance. Made of superlight aluminum alloy, the knee is extremely lightweight and packed with features for adjustability, performance and safety. PDAC approved L5840, L5845, L5850.