Niagara Foot

Niagara Foot

  • Modifiable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile

The Niagara Foot, under a 3 year warranty, is one of the most versatile prosthetic feet on the market. The Niagara Foot has been carefully engineered with special Dupont Engineering Polymers and is one of the most innovative energy-return systems on the market.

The Foot is built to be one of the most durable feet on the market. Made from Hytel, a thermoplastic polyester elastomer, that provides superior durability and energy return. It has been rigorously tested to over 3,000,000 cyclic loads and has shown increased durability over carbon fiber feet.

It is designed so the prosthetist can easily adjust the foot according to patient weight, activity level, and personal preference through basic grinding. There are easily visible lines and layers that help the prosthetist or technician to know how much material to grind away. We also provide a Niagara Foot Modifications Guide for ultimate ease of customization.

The design also allows for heel impact dampening and smooth roll-over in gait with all the elements working together in perfect harmonic fashion to replicate natural walking motion. As a result of The Niagara Foot’s unique design, the foot has no dead spot.

The Niagara Foot includes the proximal adapter and all needed hardware. The foot also fits a standard 26 or 27 size footshell and doesn’t require a Spectra Sock. An AquaPaw can also be ordered for the Niagara. The AquaPaw is a waterproof cover with bottom tread for added traction and stability.