Prosthetic Covers

Prosthetic Covers

  • Custom
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Protective

Protosthetics uses 3D printing to create custom prosthetic covers. Like other Protosthetics products, covers are easily created and customized through our CAD/CAM capabilities and 3D scanning.

3D scanning can be used to match the cover to the contralateral sound limb. Our covers will protect the prosthetic limb, along with providing a stylish and decorative element to the limb.

Protosthetics offers three prosthetic cover options. We create laminated cosmetic coves that can be laminated with a matching skin tone pattern or a graphic of the patient’s choice. We also create flexible, 3d printed voronoi and solid covers. Each cover is designed unique to the prosthetic that it will fit on ensuring the best fit and look possible.

prosthetic covers