Prosthetic Sockets


  • Heat Moldable
  • Uniform
  • Durable
  • Digital Adjustments

Protosthetics utilizes 3D printing to offer both check and definitive prosthetic sockets. We build our own custom printers specifically to meet the needs of the prosthetic and orthotic industries. By using additive manufacturing, making modifications through the progression of check sockets is easier than ever. There is no longer any need to spend time chiseling out plaster.

We utilize our exclusive diamond check sockets that are printed with diamond shaped cut-outs throughout the socket. This allows for the practitioner to be able to easily see through the socket and identify pressure points and other problem areas. This proves especially advantageous when attempting to get a feel for the posterior side of the socket.

Protosthetics sockets can be specifically designed and printed to accommodate different suspension and attachment methods including a 4-hole adapter, suction spacer plate, Bulldog pin/shuttle-lock cavity, along with many others. The check sockets are printed in copolyester and can be modified as needed with your basic heat gun. Our definitive sockets are printed with a custom compounded material and can be graphically laminated.

With additive manufacturing, uniform thickness is achieved throughout the socket. Our stored digital data makes recalling patient information a breeze and quick volumetric reductions can be made without going through the entire plaster process again.

test-socket, prosthetic-socketdefinitive-socket