Prosthetic Sockets


  • Heat Moldable
  • Uniform
  • Durable
  • Digital Adjustments
Protosthetics utilizes 3D printing technology to produce both check and definitive prosthetic sockets through use of our custom-built printers. This additive manufacturing process allows us to make modifications throughout the progression of check sockets and perfectly uniform thickness throughout the socket.

Our petg diamond check sockets are printed with cut-outs throughout this allows a practitioner to see inside the socket and easily see pressure points and other problem areas. This is especially helpful when attempting to get a feel for the posterior section of the socket.

Due to the custom experience we provide, we can design a socket to accommodate a wide array of suspension and attachment methods. Once you are satisfied with the check sockets, we will create a definitive socket made from our custom compounded material which can be graphically laminated.

When a patient wishes to come back for a new socket, our stored digital data makes recalling patient information a breeze! This allows any new sockets to be produced without needing the entire process again.
test-socket, prosthetic-socket Definitive w/graphics