Protosthetics KFGO Podcast 01/21/2016

Innovating, Providing Hope, and Doing the Most Good

What started as a class project during his undergraduate career has turned into a promising startup for Cooper Biersheid and his business partner, Josh Teigen. Together, Biersheid and Teigen have started Protosthetics, a business that designs affordable, accessible prosthetics with the use of a 3-D printer. Biersheid is in charge of the design while Teigen focuses his energy on the sales aspect of the business. While Protosthetics is still in its early stages, Biersheid and Teigen are hopeful that the business will make enough money and find the right investors in order to do the most good. At the end of the day, their mission is to help the most people – a worthy endeavor for a pair of recent college grads.

Pictured from left are Cooper Biersheid, Guest Host Perry Miller, and Josh Teigen.
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