Protosthetics Videos


Protosthetics Videos

This video shows a short demonstration of 3D scanning for an AFO using the Lower Extremity Orthotic Scanning Jig from Protosthetics. We provide the LEO Scanning Jig to our partner clinics, allowing practitioners to save time by eliminating casting.

Watch how to scan a patient’s current BK definitive in order for Protosthetics to fabricate an Amphibian Water Leg. The Amphibian is a secondary leg designed with affordability in mind to get amputee’s back in the water.

This video shows gait of the Niagara Foot. The Niagara Foot is a high quality K2/K3 foot that can be easily modified to get exact energy return properties desired on a per-patient basis. The Niagara is also completely waterproof and extremely durable.

Watch to see an in depth demonstration of 3D scanning. This particular video shows scanning for foot orthotics from Protosthetics, but the concepts remain the same for all Protosthetics products that require a 3D scan.

We had the opportunity to assist in fabrication of a prosthetic arm for Jacqueline, a Haitian amputee. Watch the news report from WDAY here.